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More than a Home Away from Home.....
Lucky Dog Sea Lodge is a wonderful place to enjoy both the tranquil vistas of the Caribbean and the pristine views underneath the water’s surface.  All the photos in this Lucky Dog Gallery were taken either on the property of from swimming right off the beach. Enjoy!!!

(If you’re looking for lots of people and a party atmosphere,
then this may not be the place for you.

Above: The views underneath are breathtaking

Testimonials from our Guests;
"We had a wonderful time and should have tried to stay longer. I could do the relaxing, swimming, sunning, walking and reading books thing for a very long time. Thanks for recommending the Driftwood Sunday barbecue, it was very tasty. We had everything we needed, there were no difficulties."
~ Donna H. ~ Gobles, Michigan

Above: The reef           ..Many natural formations of coral await just a short swim from the beach out front



Left, a Trigger Fish:

This trigger fish came in over the top of the reef that lies about 50 yards off shore.  (An easy swim.)  Many varities of ocean life come into the inner reef to feed and breed.  Then this area becomes a nursery for developing game fish as well as a natural habitat for the smaller breeds.

From our Guests;
“Holiday in Sea Lodge was very nice. Your house is very beautiful and comfortable.
Our best compliments for your personal touch.
Your description had been precise. We have appreciated that a lot. Our compliments for the CD music compilations: very interesting for quality and variety.  In the evenings, they were very nice friends for us. Thank you for your hospitality.”
~ Giovanna and Erminio Annovazzi,   Milano, Italy
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